Can’t believe my baby girl is seven months old today!  You would think, or hope, the second time around motherhood would be easier!  But Addi has had a couple minor health issues, and is not yet a fantastic sleeper – which is what worries me the most!  Work is only about seven weeks away, and being a shift worker I am always running on empty sleep-wise so am a tad anxious.  

I’m not thrilled with the idea of returning to work!  I don’t enjoy it so much, it’s a necessity and so I tend to resent it.  I work with some nice people, but I also work with some absolute bitches and a couple people who are so useless they shouldn’t still hold their jobs!  So altogether it is frustrating, and I am not happy about my return.

It was the same story when I returned after having my son… Not happy to go but understand my obligation as the main breadwinner.  Second time around I know what will happen – my sons world revolved around Dadda because he was home more so I will again become invisible… The lady who is home sometimes, but not so important as Dadda – I can’t help but be angry at hubby for this.  He does not even try to find himself a better job so that he can take the strain off me, I really hate that!




I have not blogged for a long time. The last time was on Free Online Health which, sadly, no longer exists.  It consisted of my angst about weight loss, which is still my struggle!  I hardly know where to start, what to write….

I have started reading a lot lately thanks to the IPad my hubby won…. Never would havebought one, but I found a good use, and that is downloading books!  It started with the Fifty Shades books and went from there – happy to say I have discovered some greatauthors, my new fave being Colleen Hoover who I only discovered a couple days ago.

Not much else to write at present, but I’m sure my ‘wordarrhoea’ will spur me on – once I’m on a roll u won’t be able to stop me lol.